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Brickyard Blues at Mad Matty's Sports Bar New Boston, NH 
 June 2, 2007

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The "Reverend" Jerry Paquette joins the band for a few songs at Mad Matty's ! If you have not seen Jerry and his band Kan-Tu Blues Band, You are missing out, They Kick major butt....



Da Bricks doing their thing ! 


Johann, the king of time and taste on drums. He takes the Bricks to a new level !


Thanks to all the dancers that made the gig a total blast to play, The dance floor stayed this busy from the first song til the last song of the night...Yeah baby! 


Bernie Locked into the Groove... 


Jerry Paquette of the Kan-Tu Blues Band and Downtown Dave on Harp tearing it up with the band. 


Jon can even play with his eyes closed ! 














         Brian just having way too much fun, and they call this work !


Photo by Jes Benoit

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